Team World Vision invites all who are willing to take on a personal challenge by running or walking and help others while doing so.

Help support education in Nepal where 75% children face challenges in achieving literacy;
female discrimination means that girls drop out and do not finish school.

Whatever your personal challenge you set for yourself, unite your friends and family for a good cause. When you join Team World Vision, you can crowdfund to improve the lives of children in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Crowdfunding is a way for you to raise funds from people in your personal network who each contribute a small amount, to support a charitable goal that you feel strongly for!

Take on a Challenge

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For runners,
stretch your limits with a 25, 50 or 100km target. Or you can just walk to keep fit and cover 35,000 steps within a month anytime anywhere

Know you are helping to educate impoverished children in Nepal and your family and friends are behind you

Share your passion and give others the chance to help children in need

World Vision, together with Train Live Compete Pte Ltd will be organising “Runners’ Convention 2018 – Run Your Destiny”.

Be part of this event as Team World Vision by running or walking 25km, 50km or 100km in a virtual run within 1 month and pledging to crowdfund for the sponsorship of a needy child from Nepal for the duration of the virtual run from 1 Feb to 15 Apr 2018. When you sponsor a child, you help provide him/her with things like access to clean water, nutritious food, basic medical care and the chance to go to school.

When you join Team World Vision, we will assign you a needy child in Nepal waiting for sponsorship.

4 simple steps

Run anytime and anywhere to complete the distance

Sign up for Virtual Run Challenge

Upload timing and distance from

run-tracking apps

Share your progress with your friends and direct them to your crowdfunding page (optional)





Virtual Run Challenge

Poverty is high in Nepal, with close to 24% of the population below national poverty line and just over 16% living with less than 1 USD a day. Only 29.3% of girls finish secondary school compared to 53.5% of boys. About 75% of grade 3 children cannot read a grade level text with fluency and comprehension. In the Sindhuli East area where World Vision works, the illiteracy rate is 60%. Parents in poor families do not value the education of their children. Rather, they send their children to work at an early age to supplement family income, and it is common for children to drop out of school at the primary level. Furthermore, traditional teaching methods as well as poor school infrastructure have further hindered the educational development of children in the area.

Why Nepal Education?

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Area Development Programme

Since 2013, World Vision Singapore has been supporting a community in Nepal called Sindhuli. It is one of the poorest and most deprived areas in Nepal, ranking 56 out of 75 districts in the national poverty deprivation list. The majority of the people in the area are dalits (untouchables) and indigenous Janajati. These groups are among the poorest people in Nepal. They depend on agriculture, manual labour and seasonal migrant labour for their livelihoods. Nepal is also second out of the worst ten countries in the world for child marriage.

When you sponsor a child for $45 a month, you’ll help a child, their family, and community to tackle the root causes of poverty.Real kids. Real impact. Real hope.

Sponsor Children from Nepal

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